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I followed the installer guide based on Day2Die’s instructions. I was able to get Media Center to run by switching the tokens.dat file with a vista one. I was able to do this without having to actually boot into “vista mode”. I have two tokens.dat files. One is tokens.dat and the other is tokens.dat.old. I created a batch file that causes the two files to swap places. In simple terms I can switch between vista-based activation or server 2008 based activation. Once I loaded into server (fully functional) I ran the tokens switching batch file i created, logged off, and then ran the ehshell.exe file found in c:windowsehome. The program executed fine for a few seconds, but then i fails with the message you see. Day2Dies instructions called for so many files and folders to be copied but the number he mentioned did not correlate with mine. I think it has something to do with permissions of the winsxs file, since some of those folders are system protected. Also i believe some of them have system generated random numbers at the end because I noticed as the script was running i seen “file not found” quite a few times. For example the file “Windowswinsxsmsil_ehireplay_31bf3856ad364e35_6.0.6000.16386_none_bac1a0be54ce00fb” might be “Windowswinsxsmsil_ehireplay_31bf3856ad364e35_6.0.6000.16386_none_bac1a0be54ce550c”on another machine. The same dll file exists in that subfolder but its a different number of every machine. I might have to manually go through each file and taking the common name “msil_ehireplay” go through and manually copy and paste it into a folder, then boot into a recovery CD and manually copy the folders to winsxs so i can have super user privileges. Also I noticed the installer for Day2Die’s didn’t implement any of the Windows Media Center services. I was able to get the scheduler service and receiver service working but not the other two. Atleast some progress has been made.