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Congrats on “Bundle of Joy number two” there phobos!

I agree that Origami Experience is pretty damn nice. I also agree that MCE in Server 2008 is maybe more effort than it’s worth.


I can see myself working for it on end with sleepless nights, only to find out that it would infact require a Vista TOKENS.DAT, which is extremely illegal; or will need to be reversed engineered and then make a “patch” for it, which is a bit of a grey area on legalities there.

I’ll take this time to mention that Windows 6 “ultra tool” i’m currently working on will require an original Vista DVD [or at least the Vista WIM image] to “cross-over” any Vista features to 2008 – distributing core Windows DLL’s is a no-no that’s gotten me into much trouble in the past!

FYI guys, my new PC replacement is arriving this week – and I have some Vista and 2008 goodies to share – i’ve discovered quite a few neat tricks ‘n’ tweaks that are not documented on any website at all! E.g., ever thought to yourself “Geez, I really love having ‘Details’ view in explorer, but 16×16 icons are too SMALL! Cant I make them 24×24 even and with tiny thumbnails too???” Well… :geek: *hushes himself for leaking out soopa-doopa-secret gossip*