Re: Re: TV Application


@B1G wrote:

i tried your automated setup too, but doesn’t work. I think because i used it from an Italian Vista Ultimate X64 Sp1 to an English Windows Server 2008. Tomorrow i will try from an english Vista.


dont know whether it will work on x64 version, never tried it. but same here, will test it on a server 2008 x64 to see if it works. by the way, server x64 is very strict on drivers as vista x64, as far as i know technotrend drivers are not WHQL Certified, which might prevent you from seeing your tv device in dvbviewer. i had a technotrend dvb-s2 3650, but got rid of it on ebay because of poor driver support and no WHQL certification. now am on hauppauge dvb-s2, works like a charm on server 2008