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Hi guys, great work with tweaking the “restricted” themes RDP > WS2K8. I am sitting on a 32-bit server 2008 SP1 enterprise and i have tried your fix Arris but in the hex workshop i can not find the hex data you have entered for me to change (0x00006B7A , 0x00007324). I have tried searching in hex and dec and with the different languages etc. nit with no luck…
Regarding the different versions OS, this file should be the same? Can you possibly link the “Tstheme.exe” file for download? Can that work? If not can i just replace original “Tstheme.exe” and back to the way it was?
Is there anything else i can do?
I really hope we can find a fix for this soon!!!! 😀 😀 😀

Thanks again for great tweaking etc.
Regards. Henrik