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Steve, did you have any luck? If not, it sounds like there is a problem with the ACPI compliancy on your system. Check the following –

1. Go to your Device Manager. If you don’t know how, hit WINKEY+R [Run Box] and type in “devmgmt.msc” and hit ENTER/OK
2. Under the tree entry labelled as “Computer”, press the arrow to expand it and make a note of that entry. It varies depending on your architecture,
but should say something like “ACPI x86-based PC” or similar. ACPI is they key term you are looking for – let us know what is under the ‘Computer’ entry if its different.

If it is ACPI or whatever, check your BIOS settings > Power Management [or similar] and make SURE it is on S3, also known as STR mode [S1/POS mode will not do]. There are also settings in some BIOS’s that allow you to actually enable or disable ACPI and/or Advanced Power Management [APM].

If that still doesnt fix it, download your latest Chipset drivers for your mainboard. Get the Vista ones. If you need more help, please let us know – also, if you can provide your MOTHERBOARD model that would help.

Oh and don’t worry, its a much less n00b question than you think! Also, did Hibernate work previously on Vista or XP? If you can please give details on your PC specs [mainboard/motherboard and CPU will be fine]. You might need a BIOS update, but we shouldnt jump to that conclusion yet. Peace.