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Thank’s for our comments. I solved the Problem.

I look to the permissions on this shotcut and I see all users have full access to this shortcut. I type in the adress line at the explorer “C:Documents and SettingsAdministrator” and I see the profile of the Administrator.

If I click on the Folder C:Documents and Settings at the explorer I get the error access denied, but all have the full access. I locked to the owner of this shotcut and I see “system”. I think thats the reason why I get the error because I’am not loged in as System, I’am loged in as Administrator. I cover over the owner to Administrator and now I can click on this shortcut. But i think this is a general Problem, because I installed the server on a free clear partion and direct after the installation it was so….

Thank’s to all for our helpfull comments. Without our comment’s I never can solved this problem.