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NOTE: I also got lost in this BBS…and I thought I had read all replies…
But now that I’ve posted, I see there is an answer (and I already started my reinstall – see below)…
cmd prompt “runas.exe” appears to enable the ability to elevate to administrator…see prior post…

[this is what I wrote before I saw the other posts…]

If you use this registry hack to hide the administrative user, and have not created an additional user in the administrators group, you will not be able to administer the machine after you log out.

I was following the instructions on, and I created a new user as non-administrator, then I used the registry hack from XP to hide the administrator from the welcome screen.

When I rebooted and tried to log in, I hit CTRL-ALT-DEL 2x and guess what? No login prompt. It appears this has been dropped from vista/win2k8.

Further, I had not yet enabled remote desktop, so I could not login remotely to the administrator account.

And…I tried running regedit as administrator to remove the changes while logged in as my non-administrator user, and guess what?

When UAC comes up to elevate a program – there are no users in the UAC dialog, and no where could I enter a password.

Bottom line, I could not log in as administraotr, I could not elevate to administrator, so I had to reinstall.

On the bright side, the win2k8 install is very fast.

Please be sure to have at least one user *not* hidden from the Welcome screen in the administrators group before hiding your administrator accounts.