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Update on Robson:
German Forumdeluxx:

I got a 1GB Module now…
Unfortunately Alternate delivered a 512 MB Module than the ordered 1 GB…

I don’t know why: There are 2 Modules on the Robson. Maybe only one is shown, maybe it is really 512 MB.
I am now able to use it as a USB Stick…

First thought: FUCK, thats fast….

€: Unfortunately, the Robson is recognised as a Harddisc. Eboostr doesnt create Cache Storages on HDs…
I wrote an email to the company:

I have an Intel Robson Module and I am able to use it as a Harddisc. Windows can write and read, the speed is incredible. Much faster than a USB Stick.
Is it possible to get eboostr making a cachestorage on a Harddisc?
I know, normally this is deactivated because HD’s are too slow. But the Robson Modules speed is incredible: Average 214,4 MB/sec average. Access Time 0,2 ms.