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@hackerman1 wrote:

this part of the instructions is a little bit confusing:
“Navigate to the…
HKLMSOFTWAREMicrosoftWindows NTCurrentVersionSvchost
…key and edit the Multi-String entry “LocalSystemNetworkRestricted” – add “EMDMgmt” to the end of it, on a new line.”

“add EMDMgmt” ?
add as what, a string without value ?

You need to edit the existing entry LocalSystemNetworkRestricted which is not a string entry but a multistring. When you open it it will look like a textbox which can take multiple lines like Notepad. All the existing entries are other serives so don’t make a mistake and delete some of the texrt! Scroll to the end of the value and type EMDMgmt and OK it. Here’s a screenshot –


Note that I did that grab on Windows 7 so the existing services are probably different to 2K8, but hopefully you can see what I mean by the example of adding the service.