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EDIT: Since I will start making an installer soon, please anyone mention if you’ve had any bugs or problems with ReadyBoost after installing via this guide! (It will also support 64-bit)

Yeah this is the only thread as far as I know, I remember working on this ages ago.

Yes, the installer. I had started one, but I found it difficult to program because of those manual steps and stuff. But I remember I made this a while ago, it’s amazing what you can learn in just a few months 😉

I use Windows 7 right now i don’t have much interest in Server > Workstation conversion anymore I because I think 2008 R2 is crap… and I have lots of serious projects I’m working on. But hey I will make an installer for it soon unless someone beats me to it. It will be something to put on my soon-to-come blog =)