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Yeah another double post… I figure I should bump this though anyway for what i want to say.

Either something is very wrong with the little hack I shared here, or the two “ReadyBoost Capable” USB drives of completely different brands [countries of manufacturing too] are coincidently buggy with ReadyBoost. Untested on Vista, because this problem cannot be recreated on-demand [it appears random] After a while of ReadyBoost running and all good and well, after some time for some reason something bad triggers – the USB Mass Storage device doesn’t fail or anything, but the filesystem looses its’ mountpoint somehow. What i mean is, i browse to my X: [8GB SanDisk Cruizer] and it is completely blank, in Properties Page > Filesystem is {blank}; Capacity is 0 bytes and Freespace is 0 bytes. And ReadyBoost is not switched on [activity light doesnt flash].

As soon as i unplug it and replug it though, it works again.

Also, I don’t know if this happens in Vista too, but when I either first-create the sfcache file [in the Properties Page] or change the size of the cache that I already created, it takes about 30-60 seconds to actually “OK” when I click OK. If you know what i mean… the usual UI hangings that occur in Windows. Is this normal?

Anyway, in light of this, im not working on this anymore and looking at other 200u8 Workstation things instead, until someone can confirm that they have been using this ReadyBoost hack this whole time without problems – or even if they had the same problem so I know it’s not just my hardware. And no, no x64 yet either. I’t might have something to do with WinSAT or the missing Event Log reporter keys for ReadyBoost service, if that’s the case i’m going to have to start it from scratch again and thats not something i’m looking forward to. So…

If this doesn’t go anywhere from here, I think we might be stuffed until further notice….