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Haha thanks guys! In regards to your RECYCLE BIN problem ShadowGuy, that is really strange. Windows should never create a RECYCLER folder on a Removable Drive! Perhaps this “Turbo Memory” thing you speak of [i’ve never used it] is somehow making Windows see the USB drive as a fixed disk instead of removable? Don’t know!

And yes, I know of the Media Center problems haha. I will definately make that the next thing on my list to do! However, I recieved a PM from a chap here asking to get “Origami” working on Server 2008 – I will try to get that working first as it will most likely be a lot easier I think [as it’s not tied into the system like the MCE components and hence will be easier to monitor and diagnose and such] but yeah I will probably have a glance at BOTH these things during this week 🙂