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I followed your directions to a T and everything is working perfect. I was also able to get the intel turbo memory to no longer say code 10, now I just need to figure out how to enable readyboost on it.

Well here’s how I got turbo memory working…

After following the above guide and installing the latest turbo memory driver from intel

First of all, there is no longer turbo memory console window in this updated version. So you have to do it manually.

I went to the computer management program. From there you format the imd-0 as maximum size to fat32, label however you want, and give it a drive letter.

Now go to my computer and right click the newly made drive, go to properties, now go to readyboost, and enable it.

The only problem now is windows keeps writing a recycle bin file to the drive and bitching about how there is no space left on it.