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@Arris wrote:

Wow! That’s a fantastic job JonusC! Just tested it in a virtual machine. Installation procedure takes some time but finally… it works!

Note that the screenshot is made from a virtual pc so because of the virtualization the USBStick is not fast enough.

Cheers. Yes I don’t know if so many restarts are actually required, but yeah the registry is a fickle thing especially the LOCAL_MACHINE hive which is only loaded when the OS starts and I just wanted to make sure the instructions worked as well as possible 🙂 well thats good news that it works not just for me 🙂

Also, I had to actually press ‘Retest’ on my stick about 5 times before it actually detected it as fast enough. But this may be because my PC is dodgy – I have a few blown capacitors on my motherboard from overclocking [i’ll NEVER do it again] and my USB sometimes fails for no reason lol. Just pointing that out though incase it is infact a known issue for any others who test it before an installer is made.