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@impostor wrote:

he wrote, he was a cracker…

which cracker group?

Thats naughty business! I don’t do that stuff anymore and havn’t for a long time, too many more important things to worry about than ripping off hard peoples’ work 🙂

How do i learn this? With too much spare time over the past ten years haha. I can pretty much identify everything in the Windows 5/XP OS registry, classes and handles and all that…. it helps that I’ve been a debugger in previous jobs too!

Im still having trouble making a working installer without screwing with the security/permissions of the registry, therefore exposing Windows to possible threats in the future. I think I need to research how to make custom INF installers. If anyone can help with things like ‘Creating a service with SC.ExE’ and ‘installing legacy drivers via command-line’ please PM me as I am kind of stuck here. Thanks!