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This is going to be tricky. So far i’ve managed to get 2008 to load the ecache driver at pre-boot and run the EMDMgmt service with the right credentials, at a seemingly functional level. I managed to trick the ReadyBoost “tab” to appear via a rundll32 command [i.e., not on the property page of a flash drive] and it is normal on the appearance side of things – but there is no visible way with this to actually have it ‘assigned’ to the proper drive letter or device. I think there is a missing dependency/class in regards to the ecache.sys/emdmgmt.dll talking to the USB Stack/Volume Mount component :S

I kinda wish that guy who was working on this was here so I could see where he got. It looks like i’m going to have to debug/spy/process monitor the entire process of EMD becoming active under Vista. That could take weeks, as I would have to have a logger enabled when I…
1.insert a USB drive
2. Open the property page and switch to ReadyBoost
3. Enable ReadyBoost
…and then cross check every single system file that is referenced to see how they are called, and there is no practical way to filter out the EMD-related activity from the normal crap that goes on in the background with Vista. Not to mention that i’m expecting i’ll run into a dependant library that is probably different between Vista and 2008 – so my hopes of “100% exactly the same functionality as Vista” has now completely plumeted! 🙁

I guess it’s only been a few hours though! I’ll let you guys know when I have something that someone can test for me, to make sure it half-works on other systems and not just mine. Peace.