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Just noticed this thread and signed up for the sole reason to let you guys know…

I’ve been a “hacker/cracker” for many years now and am pretty handy with reverse engineering Win32 based programs. To my dissappointment I only noticed today that my 8GB ReadyBoost-Optimized stick is useless in my Server 2008/Vista hybrid!

I’m working on transferring the EMD Driver/Service from Vista Ultimate right now, starting with research. Hopefully it will be ready within the next 24 hours as this is a top priority for me.

I will post here if I run into any problems in the hopes that somebody can help out. I think that porting the Service and Driver will be the easy part, but of course I have no idea if it will compatible. Alas, as i said, i’ve made this my #1 project and want to finish it ASAP. So where there’s a will there’s a way 😉

I’ll keep you guys posted. Starting work right now. Well, after a shower. Lol. Peace!