Re: Re: Logitech Setpoint


I think i can help! (atleast for the x86 users)
The setpoint doesnt work on Server 2003 too so i searched really alot to find solution.
In some forum (i dont remember which one anymore but i think it was on the logitech forum) there was a guy who modded the drivers to work with Server 2003, but looks like they work with 2008 too (i use them atm with MX620 and all options are available)
Here is how to do it:
1.Download the latest SetPoint (right now its 4.60)
2.Download the fixed drivers from here or here
3.Install SetPoint and close it from the system tray
4.Install the fixed drivers
5.Start SetPoint again
6.Have fun 🙂
#NOTE: I cant test this on x64 since i dont have such os so test on your own risk!
#If you want, you may try x64 drivers instead of the x86 ones i posted above.