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McAfee Total Protection 2008 worked 100% for me. But i’m annoyed, i bought it a while ago and will not renew my license as the newest version doesnt even have a quarantine and just automatically deletes viruses/malware without an option to ask you first. Garbage in the case of false positives, i cant believe they did something like this.

Also, I gave the trial of Kaspersky Internet Security 8 a go – it crashes every now and then. And it really slows my computer down.

Now, I heard that BitDefender is excellent for gamers [has a Gamer Mode] and allows a heck load of advanced customization too, so im downloading the trial right now and gonna give it a run 🙂 plus it’s gotten good to excellent ratings in most articles i’ve read, including the Security Suite roundup in last months issue of APC [probably the biggest/best PC Magazine here in Australia]

NOD32, FYI, has kinda gone downhill. Detection rates for Virus are good, but other Spyware/Malware detection rates are pretty low compared to the ones i’ve said above. Believe it or not, Norton is still the cream of the crop [in regards to Bang for Buck factor, if your PC is a beast and u dont mind mising a few FPS in games hehe]

Ah but im not trying to start a “What is the best AV” argument here hehe – i’m just expressing my personal opinion! If anyone wants to correct me or comment on anything ive said, feel free to 🙂 Peace