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@dezmond wrote:

How did you get NOD32 Antivirus 4 to work on Server 2008 R2?

It won’t install for me, just says that it’s not made for server applications and leaves only the option to click “finish” on the install, which just closes it.

I have a license for it and would love to use it, but I’ve no idea how you tricked it into working with 2008r2.

I don’t know if the method Arris linked to works, it’s different from how I did it. I posted this a while ago, and will repost here – it’s with the usual Orca tool.

@JonusC wrote:


Quick background:
It seems only the older MSI’s use LaunchConditions, it’s getting more common to use CustomActions I’ve noticed – probably to try and prevent people like us from doing exactly this – ha! In this case with the NOD v4.1 Beta MSI, it’s the CA “InstSuppPrepareInstall” which uses InstSupp.dll [inside the MSI] to do somesuch nonsense to, well, prepair the system I guess.

I spent about an hour figuring this one out, and was even trying to hack the InstSupp.dll, but after some random experimentation I found the way to get around it with just Orca.

Under the table “InstallUISequence”, drop the row “InstSuppPrepareInstall”. Thats it!
EDIT: Also had to do this as I found it would fail install…
Under the table “InstallUISequence”, drop the row “InstSuppApplyUIChanges” – it’s the one just above it, as you can see in the screenshot. NOW thats it!

Hope it works for you, it does for me =D Peace!!!

Might be worth someone investigating this further and making more notes/research for the good of the community, I discovered that method largely with trial and error. I’m not running Server OS these days anymore I’m afraid, I hope none of you original win2k8workstation old schoolers don’t miss me too much 😆 but hey, maybe i’ll be back one day? We’ll see 😉 Have fun guys…