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@TheDark wrote:

I am experiencing quite the opposite. Until yesterday I had KIS 2009 working perfectly in my workstationed Windows Server 2008 32bit. This morning I installed the 64bit version, later followed by KIS 2009 8.0.357, and as soon as the installation program ends and the configuration begins, my ethernet connection starts going on and off. As soon as I uninstall it, the connection returns to normal, whether I reboot or not.

I have tried KIS 8.0.454, as well as KAV, with the same results. I think this might be a hardware/driver incompatibility. My ethernet interface is based on the Realtek 8168 chip, and I’m using the drivers available at the Gigabyte website.

Could you please tell me if your ethernet chip/card is different from mine?

I am having the same problems. It seems that the NIC becomes unstable once I install Kaspersky IS2009 v8.0.0.357. I have tried disabling it but this has no effect. Has anyone any ideas why this is?

Cheers 🙂