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@Scimitar wrote:

Hi, first of all: I’m not a native english speaker so I apologize in case my english might be incorrect sometimes.

Thanks to the process monitor which was mentioned in another thread I’ve found a way to install Antivir Personal Edition which I want to share with you.

It’s pretty simple and might work with other programms which check for a Server OS and deny the installation too.

1.) Start –> Run –> Regedit
2.) Go to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE –> SYSTEM –> CurrentControlset –> Control
3.) Now change the permissions of the folder “ProductOptions” –> add your user account (for example ComputernameUsername) and deny yourself the read rights for the whole folder. Be careful not to deny the whole rights for all administrators or something like that (I tried that first cause of a black out and it leads to windows not being able to boot).
4.) Now you should be able to install Antivir PE

In case you want to revert the permission settings just log to your administrator account. Here you can again grant your user account full rights for “ProductOptions”.
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Up until now I didn’t notice any drawbacks but I won’t garantie that there might be some.

Nice work Scimitar! :mrgreen: This trick allowed me to install Avast Home in Server 2008 Enterprise (64 bit). Afterwords I logged into the master Admin account and reset the permissions. So far so good!