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Great to see more people coming 🙂
First, i like too to get the best from the hardware – i got 3,2ghz quad cpu, 2900pro gfx etc and the performance gain is enormous.For example the css stress test:
xp – 301fps
2003 – 331fps
2008 – 370fps (even with tons of apps running in background – httpd,ftp and many other server apps)
btw do you have test results with the new 3d mark vantage? i got 3,3k on the gfx card and 11,2k on the cpu
There are few service that can be stopped too – for example the pritner service and the tablet pc service.
About the cards, why don’t just flash them seperately? You still can use crossfire and there will be no need to use riva tuner or atitool!