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This is the one I used –

Works 100%. It doesnt mention though that you have to restart after install. It’s nothing special – pretty much the same as what you describe, only this one has a batch file haha!

BTW, Dreamscene WMV’s/MPG’s go into the folder %WinDir%WebWindows DreamScene
eg, C:WindowsWebWindows DreamScene
…that installer will create that folder for you.

Putting files there will allow them to come up in the “Personalization” section under Wallpapers.

BUT. I use Windowblinds 6 on my PC – and for some reason this completely messed my Windowblinds up. Don’t know why. But it does replace the server2k8 themeui.dll with a Vista Ultimate themeui.dll so maybe it has something to do with that for some reason. I tried dreamscene, sure it looks very pretty, but I decided to keep Windowblinds instead 😉

Thanks for posting this though McStarfighter!