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@Sandervs wrote:

Hi guys,

It seems I’m the only one, who can’t change the background.
I took control over authui.dll and copied the new one which we’re
posted here. I tried Logonstudio and VistaMaster but still it won’t work.
Did I forgot something or have you guys any suggestions.

Sander van Steenbergen

1) If you are on x64, make sure you get both the System32authui.dll and the SysWOW64authui.dll files
2) Make sure you got the NON-SP1 versions (before SP1)
3) Restart your PC….
4) ….I don’t know what else to suggest.

Please read back and see what we’ve said, in particular:

Howto, information, and x86 (32-bit) download:

64-bit alternative files: