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@Remiel wrote:

uff thats a problem, I get one x86-x64 authui.dll SP0 from this topic. and this file runs now in my wow64 folder successfully – can anyone send me a x86-64 authui.dll SP0 for the system32 folder ?

I would, but I don’t have the 64-bit copy of Vista =( thinking of dow…. buying it just so I can do this kind of stuff, and actually help your x64 guys out better… sorry… hopefully someone notices though! I’ll help you out though…

Could somebody share a system32authui.dll file from 64-bit Vista WITHOUT SP1? NOT the SysWOW64 one?

@Remiel wrote:

Thats very confusing, because in the text there is no description for which folder the x64-86 file is =)

My bad…. I only talk about x86 most of the time as I thought most people are on 32-bit OS – but it seems most of the active users here are on x64??? Hmm…

@Remiel wrote:

yeaha I always rename the original files to authui.ori and if the “modded” file messed up the system I use the recovery console ” cmd ” in the non gui part of Longhorn hihi :geek:

I change mine to .BAK =) and I have tri-boot between 2K8, XP and OSX, so don’t need a recovery console anymore.. but always used to have it installed before Vista came… how do you get Longhorn recovery console installed??? Or do you mean boot from the DVD? Because I noticed they took that out… you could install it as a boot option for XP, now it’s gone =(