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@Remiel wrote:

Hmm If i choose a x86 DLL i think i get the same effect on bootup: Black Screen and only visible mousecursor – nothing more yet.

But i can test it again with one of the x86 files from here 🙂

Try and get authui.dll from x64 version of Vista, both the System32 one and SysWOW64 ones. Replace the Server 2008 ones with those – backup your originals beforehand of course as you know [saying that incase a newbie reads this post].

But it’s important to use the authui.dll(s) from a non SP1 release of Vista, that is what allows it to work!

But we still don’t get the startup Orb. As Arris said though, i think the only way to do it is to somehow make Server 2008 “think” it’s Vista. That would be amazing, especially for compatibility. I’ve actually found leads on this, that DOESN’T require the vista tokens.dat [which is 100% illegal], it’s related to the logon module [unsure if it’s winlogon.exe yet]. If it works, every program that checks OS version will see your PC as a workstation edition rather than server.

EDIT: Changing Server 2008 to an NT Workstation version has already been done. But it’s considered warez, and is dangerous. It’s done with the same method I was thinking of, and is indeed a mod of winlogon.exe… i’m not going to use it because of all the warnings [completely breaking your system, not just installs but SID’s aswell, making all data unreadable]. Bummer. Nevermind.