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It works 100% for me, x86. I tested it in a brand-new fresh install of Server 2008 Standard 32-bit in VMWare, and now have it working on my real install =)

No idea how to get it working on x64, but i’m sure someone here who actually knows x64 can replicate what i’ve done?

If you are running x86, grab this zip file, extract to a new folder [anywhere] and run Do.bat – it will take ownership of authui.dll and replace the file with the new one after a reboot. The original will be saved to authui.dll.bak [in the same system32 folder].

FYI, it uses simple batch with the help of an AutoIt script to replace the system file at reboot; it’s an uncompiled au3 file [with the AutoIt3.exe interpreter included so you don’t have to have AutoIt installed] so you can use the code for your own tools if you wish =)

Hope this gets it working for you, otherwise i’m seriously halucinating.

[attachment=0:12hpwnev]Vista Logon Screen for Server[/attachment:12hpwnev]

Oh and P.S. – LogonStudio Vista does work for me, but I cannot restore the original logon after changing it. Uninstalling LogonStudio still didn’t fix it! Stupidly I didn’t backup my imageres.dll file 😯 but luckily I have a VMWare HDD image that I can just mount and grab the original one =D I don’t know why it can’t “restore” the original and I really couldn’t be bothered, but just be aware of this!