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Use the authui.dll from Vista SP0; that is, a non-SP1 version. It is identified with version 6.0.6000.x as opposed to 6.0.6001.x but I have found different revisions of it [what the x stands for in version number]. I downloaded one from a logon screen mod which included the ‘original’ Vista one, labelled as 6.0.6000.16386 which is the same version as the Leopard modded one hilton posted. However, the one from my Vista DVD is labelled as 6.0.6000.16513 which is higher/newer, but still not SP1. Must of been updated in a hotfix somewhere.

I wish we didn’t have to resort to using an older version of the file, but I don’t think we have a choice and this is why I think so. Windows Server 2008 RTM is infact SP1, there is no such thing as Server 2008 RTM without SP1. Also, the authui.dll file from Vista SP1 is identical to the Server 2008 one. So why i think this works is because the SP1/Build 6001 version of the file has extra code that allows it to be aware of it being executed on a Server OS, but Vanilla/SP0/Build 6000 version was created before Server 2008 was even released or near completion, and as such is not aware or does not have the code to make it all like “oh lets check if it’s server or vista and show the right graphic for it” because it just assumes it’s Vista, as there only was Vista out at the time.

Make sense? :geek:

So easy solution – replace your authui.dll file with the Vista 6000/SP0 version of authui.dll and backdrop image will work 100%, I have provided my version of it attatched from my DVD [v6.0.6000.16513] incase you don’t have a Vista DVD. This file version might be newer than the one you already have too. Of course, there is always a risk of system malfunction because we are reverting to, technically, a non-server DLL file. But I think the authui.dll file is not critical to server/OS functions perse – it’s not like we are replacing a system driver or explorer.exe 🙄 but with that said, I have already made the change to my system, and we should keep this thread open so all of us can report possible problems that may be related to this. Specifically, remote login and other network authentication issues, and other things to do with logon/authentication. I don’t see it as likely, but who knows hey…

…pretty sure authui is just a visual/graphic/resource library for the logon screen anyway and probably isn’t even read/loaded unless locking/login/logoff is performed or requested…. anyway enough of my ramblings!

Maybe sawo could put this in the workstation converter too. Anywho, here’s my file – unmodified original from my Vista DVD – that returns the graphic BG of the logon screen. Programs like logon studio and such should work now – will test shortly to confirm. Enjoy and peace!

EDIT: THIS IS FOR 32-BIT ONLY. See later in the thread for the 64-bit method!