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I am testing authui.dll on VM with Server 2008 x64. but no effect that does)))

I tried to replace two files: authui.dll from system32 and sysWOW64 folders from vista x64.. no change
I tried authui.dll for server 2008 x32 and it left me black logon screen)) by the way snapshots may be very very helpful in such situations 😀

and what file plays the windows logo animation at startup in vista? I tried to activate server 2008 with my vista’s key and I got both startup animation and logon screen from vista. so, these resources are avaliable in server 2008 by default.
these two things make the difference between vista and server 2008 graphical interface.. hope there’s a chance to enable them in server 2008 🙂

p.s. I even tried to replace resources in authui.dll using HEX editor and it killed my logon screen and pushed me to last snapshot)))