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I read that article and I’m sorry but the installation log is a gzipped file and when extracted comes to 11mb in size! I would post something interesting but the only errors I recieve (when searching the file for a text string ‘FATAL’ which returns 0 results) are from text string search ‘ERROR’ where the only result is:

Checking operation result for {7B53463B-283F-44FF-94B2-CAB60DDE3159} Adobe Device Central CS3
[ 2432] Thu Mar 27 08:30:24 2008 ERROR
Skipping operation because required operation failed with code: 2
Setting dependent operation result
[ 2432] Thu Mar 27 08:30:24 2008 DEBUG
Testing operation: 47

Which appears throughout the file around four times, and not the magical fourteen times as I wish it would have appeared in total. Unfortunately, Adobe Device Central CS3 is NOT an optional install component otherwise I would attempt install without it. I will continue my search for a solution and will post accordingly once found.

UPDATE: Bad Media or DVD Drive

Using another DVD Reader did the trick.