Re: Re: 8800GTS 64-bit driver?


I’ve found a solution. Do the following:

Install the latest Nvidia Vista x64 driver.


1. Open regedit (by typing in regedit in the search field in the start menu)
2. Go to the following key:
3. within all folders LIKE {6055FC4B-81E9-428C-82AC-28EB17CA102F} ( yours might be slightly different )
open the 0000 folder until you see all Nvidia profiles ( keys like “_3DMark03.exe:D3DOGL_49119164”, there´s a lot of them).
Once you’ve found this folder do not keep on searching.
4. on the right side, scroll down until you can see the following key : Acceleration.Level
5. Change its value from 4 to 0. (if there is any other value than 4, still change it to 0 )
6. Close regedit, restart your computer
7. That’s it !! Have fun !